How can I download the application?

You can go to the Google PlayStore or App Store and search for United We Care.

How can I register?

What is OTP/ One time password?

How can I book an appointment?

How would I get billed? Do I need to pay in advance?

How will I come to know the appointment is booked?

How can I talk to a professional once an appointment is booked?

How can I reschedule/ cancel my appointment?

Is my number shared with any professional?

Where can I see terms and conditions?

If I am talking to a professional and the call gets dropped, can I call back again?

Is my session confidential?

I have sent a message to my professional, but haven’t received a response yet. What can I do?

What is the refund policy?

Where can I see the details of my past sessions?


My name is Stella.
I am your Mental Health virtual assistant

Hi, Stella