How can I download the application?

You can go to the Google PlayStore or App Store and search for United We Care.

How can I register?

Why are my bank details taken?

In how much time will my profile get approved?

My profile is approved, how will I know?

I want to edit my profile, how can I do that?

Once my availability is set, how can I change it in the future?

How will I come to know that I have an appointment?

Where can I see my appointments?

How will I connect with my client at the appointment time?

Will I get a reminder before the appointment?

If a call drops in between, can I connect with the client again?

How can I document my interaction with the client or the case history?

Can my client see what I’m writing in the Notes?

How can I see my reviews and ratings given by the client?

Is my number shared with any Client?

Where can I see terms and conditions?

How will I get to know if my client has rescheduled/ cancelled a session?

How can I know more about my Clients?

Where can I see all my earnings?

How will I get paid for my sessions?

How can I create a worksheet template?

How can I assign a worksheet to my client?

How can I check my assigned worksheets and responses?


My name is Stella.
I am your Mental Health virtual assistant

Hi, Stella